The present practice has been in existence since 1957. At that time, Dr. Edward Murphy and Dr. Eric Corkhill formed a partnership and later were joined in 1968 by Dr. S. F. Rudolph. In the early 1970’s, Dr. Murphy retired from the practice and in 1976, Dr. Helmut Karbiner joined the group.

In 1981 Dr. Bruce Hopper became a member and in 1987, Dr. Robert Dein was added. At that time the practice moved from its office on Glenbrook Avenue in Bryn Mawr to its present location at Radnor House in Rosemont. In addition, in 1987, the name of the practice was changed to Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates in place of the names of the physicians.

Between 1990 and 2001 Drs. Rogers, Hamill, Sophocles, Mikes and Yeagley were associated with the practice for varying periods of time. They left due to moving from the area or in the case of Dr. Rogers, a premature death. Dr. Sharon Youcha was with the practice in the 1990’s doing gynecology only but left to pursue a different field of medicine.

Dr. Gafaar El-Mallah and Dr. Catherine Bernardini joined the group in 2001. Dr. Ravy Lu and Dr. Lisa Leone became associates in 2005. Dr. Rudolph retired from the practice in 2000, Dr. Karbiner in 2003, and Dr. Hopper in 2005. Dr. Thomas Dardarian joined the practice in 2010.

In 2000, Beth Adams, CRNP was the first nurse practitioner to join the group. She was later joined by Martha Hughes, CRNP in 2003 and most recently by Harriet McCarney, CRNP in 2007.

Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates became a division of Women’s Health Care Group of PA in January of 2005. The group consists of seventeen OB-GYN related practice groups in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. The practice areas within the group include OB-GYN services, perinatal specialists and reproductive endocrinologists. The group consists of fifty-six physicians in over twenty office sites throughout the area. The corporate office is located in Oaks, PA.